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Cream of the crop!


"So, 8 months late (8 month old bebe on my hip) and im finally getting around to writing this overdue gushy review of my doula, Tracey.  She was an incredible support to me and my partner during my pregnancy in 2020.  We've never met as it was during heavy lockdowns but we connected through zoom and whatsapp.  Tracey has an abundance of knowledge and experience on the physiology of labour and birth.  She shared her expertise with very easy to follow slides/powerpoint and always used positive language which really helped to empower us.  Tracey placed importance on the role of a birthing partner throughout all stages of pregnancy, labour and birth and actively included my partner in all aspects of learning and talking which really helped us create a sense of unity and closeness throughout the pregnancy, labour and birth.  I am forever grateful for her dedication, support, kindness, knowledge and overall a strong contribution throughout." 

Bio Mechanics

" Doing my pre-natal classes with Tracey during

my second pregnancy changed my birth experience completely. 

Going into my birth i felt confident and in control. I had all the knowledge I needed to make my birth experience my own.

During my contractions I moved a lot and used the Bio Mechanic techniques to help give my baby space to move downwards into the correct position and move my labour on a lot quicker. 

I can't thank Tracey enough for everything she has done for my family I am forever thankful I found her and had her to guide me through my incredible birthing journey. "





An extract from the blog.


The post is really nice. In fact i wanted to write something myself..... to remind myself when things get tough ...... tough is all about how we perceive it and when you are in the moment, then you have to trust your instincts and just let go." 

Tracey was amazing all the way through my pregnancy and after the birth.

We had many phone calls / texts in the run up to the birth, where she was so reassuring and offered amazing advice. Her calming and friendly nature puts you straight at ease. Tracey stayed with me in the hospital for two nights as my mum was not around. She was helpful, encouraging and easy to have around. Tracey helped with my breastfeeding and allowed me to sleep whenever I could. I then was able to contact her and ask for any advice in the following weeks.

Honestly couldn’t have done it without her!.

I'm always available on Whatsapp & Telegram 

"Thanks Tracey for all your amazing advice and support and holding our hand through a strange time in the world, you really helped us embrace it all and feel confident"


Hii Tracey! 

Thank you so much for all the information and giving me all the tips and tricks. It was really lovely and I am secretly thinking maybe you could be there with birth. ☺️ Let’s see when he decides to come!
Thank you for today, gives me confidence and I even get excited to give birth! Have a lovely evening. 🥰


Beautiful video Tracey... I feel relaxed watching and listening to it 👍🏽

Yes thanks Tracey so much for making this all exciting and an easy process even with the current situation

I've just started drinking rasberry leaf tea. One cup a day. I've read it's supposed to strenghten the uterus muscles. Do you think it's ok to drink it?

 Tracey: Yes it is 👍
Tracey: And eat dates


Yes, I am definitely going to discuss the waterbirth option with her. Also, delighted we had our antenatal class first as now I feel much more tuned in to the kind of birth we'd like and the questions I'd like to discuss with Dr. K tomorrow. 

Perfect! I will check it out, I was browsing her page the other day very informative posts! I will get back to your email soon too.. thank you so so much♥️♥️🙏🏼

Sharing information via msg is a perfect easy way to give quick advice.

Sharing quick links to other professionals makes for easy learning tools for my clients.

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