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First find balance, then make space then rest wisely 

With Bio-mechanics birth partners are able to learn techniques to give amazing emotional and physical support in pregnancy . During labour supporting the progress in ways that many care providers are unfamiliar with or in fact trained in. 


Creating space.
Birth Partners can practice techniques using different props. This really helps to build confidence and they are able to step in as and when the mother indicates she needs support. 

Using BM during pregnancy has proved to be very successful at achieving optimal fetal position.

PHOTO-2022-Rebozo relax .jpg

Using methods to take tension out of the body can help  enormously. Staying out of the fear-tension-pain cycle.
During our sessions couples build trust and closeness which allows more fluidity to their management of the peaks and lows in labour. 


Resting wisely .
In our one to one sessions we explore how you can make space for baby. Using movement, breathing techniques and creating a sympathetic environment. 
There are lots of ways you can use props like balls and scarves to support your rest periods. Resting in supportive positions for you and baby. 

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