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The Doula Blog.

An unexpected home birth.

I thought I would write my first blog about a first experience. Whilst working in Muscat I gave a refresher one to one birth prep class to a mum expecting her third baby. 

We covered all the preparation I would normally include, except what if the baby arrives quickly. Never underestimate your intuition. Bearing in mind this was my client's 3rd baby and her intuition told her to look into a speedy delivery. 


Trusting and listening to her body to guide her . she decided it was time to go. 

Leaving her home her waters broke and she knew in that moment she would have to birth her baby. With her family around her another woman held baby's head and gently guided him out. 

Mum untied the cord from around his neck and scooped him up brought him onto her chest. Rubbing him warm he cried. She breathed and slowly walked calmly to her car. The family travelled to the hospital and mum safely delivered her placenta. Following medical advice she was discharged after 24hrs. 

With self belief, and the love and support of her family she showed great courage and strength. An inspiring story in our community. Be inspired new mothers to be, trust your body, you've got this!

As her doula I met the family at the hospital I helped mum have skin with her newborn.Waited for the scan to show the placenta had been delivered in tact. The doctor said she had done everything right. Kept baby warm with her body and not delayed getting to hospital. Mum was then transferred to the ward where I had to leave. I did my usual follow up home visit. The home was calm and her other children were being cared for with the family. We talked about the birth and I asked if she had time to reflect on her home birth. We laughed and talked of the sequence of events leading up to the birth on the stairs!

A few days later I sent her my memory of the events and requested permission to post. 

Her words: 

"The post is really nice. In fact I wanted to write something remind myself when things get tough.....tough is all about how we perceive it and when you are in a tough moment, then you have to trust your instincts and just let go.

This birth happened in a pandemic at the start of the first lockdown in Muscat, Oman. Bearing in mind home births are not supported or encouraged by the ministry of health. Hospital births are the norm here but as we know women can give birth safely in a home environment. Women deliver their babies.


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