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Holistic sleep coaching 

A comprehensive online workshop using evidence based research and references. Giving parents the opportunity to understand sleep biology. An interactive workshop which ends with goal setting a bespoke strategy to help parents support their baby. Gentle, responsive, no cry out. Ongoing follow up support.

Having worked with parents in private homes and a clinic setting since 2012 I have supported many families with infant sleep from newborns to toddlers and older children. I decided to offer an online workshop to help parents understand sleep biology and age appropriate child development.   

I work with families without making any promises of a quick fix or a sleep through the night in seven day solution. 

What i do provide are gentle respectful coping strategies for unsettled sleep.

I will ask alot of questions about your baby/child so we can prepare and  work through supporting your child's sleep. 

A sleep package includes a free 30 minute zoom initial consultation before we begin the workshop. There are lots of opportunities for discussion during the workshop and when you are  happy with your understanding of the content we can move onto goal setting . We shall remain in contact and arrange support meetings as you begin making changes that work for you and your family. There is no time limit on this, I continue to support you to the point where you are comfortable to troubleshoot through difficult periods. 

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