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Online workshop for birth preparation and family centred caesarean births.


This interactive birth preparation class, covers a range of comfort measures, positions on and off the bed, the fit ball, rebozo and massage.

Practiced and effective breathing techniques.

Pain management options with evidence based researched information.

Partner support preparation.

Including a download resource pack.


Home based class with course pack.


Breastfeeding and bringing baby home workshop

In this interactive workshop we practice numerous breastfeeding positions and discuss the support a mother may need. 

  1. The first hours after delivery , medical procedures.

  2. ICU and what to do? 

  3. Blood sugar and breastmilk , how much is enough, input output.

  4. The fourth trimester, recovery physically and mentally including nutrition.

  5. Day to day care of a newborn.

  6. Safe sleep and realistic expectations of infant sleep. Evidence based and up to date information.

  7. Crying support measures.

  8. Bottle feeding , when and how to introduce,back to work and pumping.

  9. Hospital bag essentials for baby.

  10. Course pack included.

Breastfeeding support may be needed in hospital so communicating with caregivers and having a good understanding what mother and baby need is a great advantage.

Care of the mother

Working in postnatal care in many private homes I understand that new parents need space and time to connect with their newborn.

 I welcome both parents and grandparents, friends or family to attend my classes. It is important the immediate postnatal support have a good understanding of breastfeeding and what is normal infant behaviour in the first weeks. 

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