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Birth Preparation

If you happen to live in the Algarve and can travel easily to the Luz, Lagos area. I can deliver one to one birth preparation in my home. As your pregnancy progresses I shall work together with your birth partner using Bio-mechanics. These techniques give you support during pregnancy and allow your partner to confidently support you during labour.


Alternatively, I also offer an interactive online workshop to cover all aspects of birth physiology, pain management, hospital procedures, prenatal care of mum with exercise and nutrition advice. Breathing techniques to practice with mindset preparation. Birth partner support practice.


Dive deeper into the birthing world.

Creating the right environment for a gentle safer birth is key. We discuss how you can go some way to achieve this in a hospital environment. 

You will also receive a pack to download for your perusal with pages of of evidence based  research, showing advantages and disadvantages of pharmacological pain management, medical interventions and how to communicate with your caregiver,including a links page.

Building confidence.

I will invite you to experience an interactive 

relaxation and breathing session suitable for both parents. During labour , breathing your way through the surges and waves will become a powerful tool. Practicing these breathing techniques will empower you to be in control and stay focussed, reduce anxiety and fear when your labour starts. 

These sessions will naturally include and lead onto complimentary comfort measures and positions to support you during labour, with visuals included in the pack.

I am also a robozo trained practitioner and include these techniques in the workshop.

Your birth your way

During the workshop you will gain information that will allow you to make informed choices for your birth. We will discuss how the birth partner can prepare and become an informed and confident advocate. 

Birth is a unique life experience and not intended to be a medical event. knowing the variables of birth we must also prepare for the unexpected. For this reason I have included preparation for a family centred caesarean birth. This has been very helpful to my previous clients and helped them remain calm and in control of the unexpected. Be mindful a caesarean birth is still your birth.

With all the information you will gain you can then prepare your birth preferences and discuss them with confidence with your care providers. I provide a template for this in the pack. 


During our sessions there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

I shall virtually hold your hand and guide you through your path to birth.

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